Penelope May Pengson

Should I really finish college? What’s in it for me?

There are a lot of reasons to finish college and get your bachelor’s degree. With the amount of success stories about skipping college that we have right now, high school graduates sometimes are misguided and tend to do the same thing. Others didn’t have a choice and just accepted the fact that they can’t do it.

Times are tough. As of November 3, 2010, Philippines’ unemployment rate is at 7.50%. Let’s face it, even though you have the knowledge needed and the skill set for the job someone who has that diploma, that piece of paper, he or she will definitely land the job.

Gaining that degree can give you extra qualifications which will give you an edge over most people who doesn’t have it.

College is a period of communication and interactivity whether it’s with your professors, classmates or orgmates. This day-to-day activities that you have with them will certainly develop vitals skills that you would need to have a successful career. Such skill includes the following: writing efficiently, speaking, and most specially presentation.

Let’s admit it, college experience is truly priceless. Being surrounded with people who thinks like you where you can share your ideas and thoughts – that is college. Social interaction and networking are very important for many reasons. In this world, everyone knows somebody, and this somebody knows someone that’s hiring at their workplace. The level of interaction that goes on with different people helps you understand how people think and operate. On top that, having that long-term friend is always a plus.

Have you ever been in that situation where everyone is boasting about what college or perhaps university they came from? I have. To be honest, I always feel that I’m shrinking when this topic comes into place. People like me who doesn’t have a college degree gets insecure and feel really uncomfortable in a group conversation when the topic of college comes up. Getting that degree allows you to interconnect without embarrassing yourself. Not only does it give you that security in terms of your employment along with it, you’ll chuck out that big chunk of insecurities that you have because of that piece of paper. As you have that piece of paper to back you up, chances of getting that job is higher than someone, who has well, nothing.

The list that I have may not be true for everyone. Whatever your reason is, that piece of paper will go a long way.

So, what’s in it for you?



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